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Sun Artisanal Design Gold Plated Artificial Lion Nail Pendant For Men - Style B595

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SKU: PD-12B-595Categories: Tags: Artificial Lion Nail, Brass, Diamond, Golden Pendant, Rajwadi, Religious, Sun

Upgrade your jewelry collection with this exceptional Sun Artisanal Design gold plated artificial lion nail pendant for men. Crafted from brass and set with a diamond, this pendant features a religious and regal Rajwadi design in a textured golden finish. Make a statement with this outstanding piece.

Pendant Dimension
Height : 46 mm (4.6 cm)
Width : 28 mm (2.8 cm)
Depth : 10 mm (1 cm)
Other Specification
Weight : 16 Gram
Size : Fixed
Lock Type : No Lock
Color : Golden
Material : Brass, Diamond, Artificial Lion Nail
Surface Finish : Shining, Textured
Occasion : Festival, Marriage / Wedding / Engagement, Birthday, Gift, Religious/Temple
Style of Jewellery : Religious, Rajwadi
Symbol : Sun
Ideal For : Men
Brand : Soni Fashion®
Sales Package : 1 Pendant
More Info

Soni Fashion - our products are made from high quality material with best in comfort and look across the Globe. Our Brand is well known in jewelry sector and preferred by many Designers, Stars and Celebrities for the finest design.

Handmade design variations:
Due to the unique nature of handmade jewelry, designs might slightly vary from product photos. This variability is not considered a reason for return or exchange.

Perfect Gift
our products are best as gift option for your Friends, Relative, Husband / Boyfriend during Anniversary, Birthday Valentines or any Festival.

Care Instructions:
Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth after every use
हर इस्तेमाल के बाद अपने आभूषण को एक मुलायम कपड़े से पोंछ लें

Do not soak your jewellery in water
आभूषण को पानी में न डुबाये

Do not clean your jewellery in with soap or any other chemicals
अपने आभूषणों को साबुन या किसी अन्य रसायन से साफ न करें

Clean your jewellery using a soft brush, dipped in jewellery cleaning solution only
केवल आभूषण की सफाई के रसायन के साथ एक नरम ब्रश का उपयोग करके अपने आभूषण को साफ करें

Tips for a Smooth Shopping Experience:
• Double-check your order details before confirming.
• Carefully review the listed size measurements.
• Consider the handmade nature of some items and embrace the slight variations that add to their charm.

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Bujji Varma
very good

यह पेंडेंट अपनी शानदारता के लिए प्रशंसा पाता है। 💎🌟

Hello Bujji Varma, Thank you so much for this 5-star review.
We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about Soni Fashion.
We’re here for you anytime.

Mahesh kumar
Good quality

यह पेंडेंट मोडर्न ट्रेंड में यथार्थता को प्रदर्शित करता है। 🔥💫👌

Hello Mahesh kumar, Thank you so much for this 5-star review.
We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about Soni Fashion.
We’re here for you anytime.

Jayakrishna T
You have an extensive and beautiful collection

इस पेंडेंट की चमक और पोलिश बहुत धीरे गायब नहीं होती हैं। ✨💎🔝

Hello Jayakrishna T, Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.
We hope to see you again soon.

Raja Mallick
Superb style, design and quality 🙏🙏

These pendants are a great gift option for special occasions or celebrations. 🎁🌟

Hello Raja Mallick, Thank you so much for this great 5-star review.
We really appreciate your business and helping to share the word about Soni Fashion.

Good work very fast service 🚚

I love how Soni Fashion combines style, quality, and affordability in their pendant collection. 💖💰

Hello Nadeem, Thank you for the great review!
We can’t wait to have you back at Soni Fashion.